boosts brain power

Fasoracetam – A Highly Effective Smart Drug

Fasoracetam is the promising addition to racetam family of the nootropics. It can enhance mood, cognition and memory whereas providing complete relief from depression and anxiety, and it has got the potential as non-stimulant treatment. Although there is so much to learn about fasoracetam, the anecdotal evidence recommends that it is an effective nootropic, which boosts brain power and without creating any tolerance and dependence and same way how is alzheimers diagnosed.

Benefits & Effects

Improves General Cognition and Memory

Animal tests recommend that fasoracetam drug effectively prevents the memory problems as well as reduces forgetfulness and amnesia. Although there’s no publicly accessible data on the similar experiments using any human subjects, lots of users say that they experience huge memory improvement while taking it.

Relieves Depression and Anxiety

Fasoracetam improves your mood, lifts depression and reduces anxiety, by acting on both the brain’s powerful mood enhancing chemicals, gamma-aminobutyric acid and glutamate. By simultaneously regulating GABA that is the inhibitory neurotransmitter, or suppressing excess formation of an excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, it provides the smooth and non-jittery experience of improved focus, mood, calmness and relaxation.

lifts depression and reduces anxiety

Right now, there are not any publicly available research on effect of fasoracetam on anxiety, mood, and depression in humans, however many users say that they feel very calm, less depressed and less anxious while taking this supplement. The animal testing bears out the claim, and showing that the subjects were given fasoracetam in the stressful situations were very less prone to the learned helplessness & other syndromes that are indicative of depression and anxiety.

Increases Motivation and Creativity

As many people test fasoracetam’s effects, the anecdotal evidence to improve creativity and increase their motivation is building. Lots of users also report that fasoracetam drug not just makes them to feel very spontaneously creatively inspired, but it helps them to motivate to start, and successfully complete the creative projects.

Decreases Social Anxiety

Lots of fasoracetam users also report the marked reduction in the social anxiety, which is similar to the experienced while taking phenibut. The user reports include the feeling less inhibition & dissociation, and motivation to react, confidence, and verbal fluency. Although there’s not any human research data for confirming these effects, they can be expected given the fasoracetam’s actions on production & release of glutamate, GABA, or other brain chemicals.

How Does it Work?

Fasoracetam’s mechanisms of action aren’t completely understood, but it’s thought to work by affecting production & release of GABA, glutamate, and acetylcholine, which are three important neurotransmitters of brain.